NAOMS: Nigerian Association of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon

From the President's Desk

Welcome to 2016!

I am indeed highly honoured to lead our association. Our association has made giant strides these years and we are poised to sustain this tempo. 2016 remains a promising year for our association as we prepare for our Biennial Conference in Enugu and transition in leadership. We are also looking forward to the AOCMF Course on the Principles of Craniomaxillary Fracture Management in Abuja in July superintendent by Dr Bello. All hands must be on deck to make these events a huge success.

In line with our mandate to create a platform to reach all our members, a new website has been created. Unlike the previous, the new one includes members’ login platform, which will grant access to members to do official activities like payment of dues, enjoy life or recorded lectures or activities and enjoy access to our journal. The site is a” work in progress” It is intended to be upgraded from time to time based on the feedback from members.. Let us continue to work towards the sustenance of the association’s journal in readership and publishing of our research work. The journal is also a means whereby our association can be appreciated worldwide. Finally, in all we do this year, let us be inspired by the words of Rolls Royce who said ‘find what is good and make it better, and if you cannot find it, create it.

Naoms President



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